Woodlovers project has a deep commitment with Mother Earth, we love to empower sustainability, therefore we gave priority on using solar and aerothermal energy supply, and building up the garden furniture with recycling/reusing materials.

HouseHold Management and Ecological Cleaning: The satisfaction and comfort of our guest´s is our highest goal and we do our utmost to ensure that you have a memorable, fun and life changing holiday experience! Throughout these last two wonderful years we continued to work hard in this direction, we are also active on health issues and sleeping comfort so we are proud to present our guest´s with the new yoga mattress with visco gel memory foam. The visco Gel surface witch adapts to your body provides an excellent freshness sensation and thermic comfort for the warmer days, it’s made with hypoallergenic material avoiding and preventing allergic reactions.

Chemical Cleaners: not only pollute the environment but also threaten one`s own health. Especially sensitive people that suffer from the various synthetic ingredients.

Well being and caring our guests health its on our center attention therefore we are happy to present that from now on we are using biological and live cleaning products based on EM Effective Microorganisms a certified product imported from Germany. (for more info look for the brand EMIKO)

EM Effective Microorganisms can be used in many fields of daily life, especially in the household they become more and more popular. EM cleaner fight against harmful bacteria and germs. Effective Microorganisms cleaner improve the room climate, create a positive environment and thus increase the whole well-being.

Our responsibility and awareness regarding to the cleaning process goes even further, we are using vacuum cleaners with innovative water filter technology, providing fresh exhaust air that has been cleaned to 99.9%, a great benefit not only for allergy sufferers. The result: a far more pleasant indoor environment, exceptionally fresh and clean exhaust air.


For every guest that stays with us, we give back to Nature by planting a Tree.

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