Settled in a stunning organic green land, contemplating an amazing sea view, spectacular cliffs, surrounded by pieces of cropland, banana plantations and vineyards, we have found what today is WOODLOVERS.

Combining this dream place with our engineering, renewable energies and permaculture background, we were pioneers in the construction of the first contemporary Woodhouse in Madeira Island respecting the nature and the natural environment.

The ability to maximize a positive environmental impact in WOODLOVERS land, is our focus. Therefore, we provide an organic garden for guests use with tropical fruit trees and a variety of vegetables free from pesticides or other chemicals, made up of natural solutions, such as, composting, soil regeneration, mulching and reuse of rainwater.

We are also animal lovers, some time ago a sweet and friendly kittens family appeared near the Woodlovers Villa, and of course we fall in love and adopted them, we treat them, we vaccinated and sterilised them, they are very welcome and we love to have them around, we believe they contribute in several forms to energetic balance of the Villa and its users.

In attempt to raise the village habitantes consciousness on how we all should take care of abandon animals, we have already taken out of the streets 5 cats, and support all their health treatments, our goal is to create conditions to every month sterilise a abandon cat of the village and then get a adoption family or in last case return it to their natural habitat.


For every guest that stays with us, we give back to Nature by planting a Tree.

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